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99Cents offers leading, cross-platform, app development. We lead you through all steps of app creation, from initial storyboarding and design, through to marketing and distribution of your app.

Our apps range from simple apps for businesses, through to advanced social networking apps, games. We provision apps for use of innovative technology to create incredible experiences.

We have been developing apps for years, and with experience comes knowledge. Our impressive portfolio demonstrates just some of the many amazing apps for which we have developed.

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The development process is broken down into several steps – Discuss, Decide, Design, Develop, Debug, Distribute. We make the development of your app – from start to finish – as seamless as possible. After your free quote, we are happy to storyboard your app (free of charge), and we aim to gain as deep an understanding as possible about your concept. Whether you are still working through your app idea, or have done research and concept designs, we are happy to help. Our expert team can help you to design the most effective app, to optimise ultimate sales and income generated through your app. Once an app has been designed, we write the code, and thoroughly test it to ensure stability and usability. Our focus always is, and always has been, the end product, and the user experience. We offer a number of additional services, including landing page development (alongside your app), distribution of your app, as well as updating your app when needed.
99Cents offers a unique service. Not only do we offer development, but we offer marketing services – providing you with an app development experience from beginning to end. We have a garuntee of quality, and will ensure that the final product is to your standard, as well as the consumer’s. Our experience in technology is invaluable in enhancing development cost, time, and importantly quality.