Happy Birthday 99Cents!

Happy Birthday to 99Cents!

Today marks the first anniversary of 99Cents. Only a year ago, 99Cents began developing apps and websites. We have come a long way since then, producing countless apps, websites and innovative technologies, as well as developing a strong brand and business. The past year has been a significant year for technology. Less than a month ago Apple reached an important milestone: 30 years of the Macintosh computer (without which apps may not (yet!) exist). The year also saw the emergence of the first feasible and consumer ready smartwatches. Additionally, the world of design has been revolutionized, notably marked by the release of iOS 7. Design went from being a world of gradients, to a simple, minimalist, ‘flat’ design, with a focus on functionality while maintaining simplicity. That in itself is enough to change how people see, understand, and interact with their technology. 99Cents has gone along for the ride, and we’ve learned from experience along the way. We have seen what makes a great app, and how to best market it – even developing apps which have individually accumulated thousands of downloads, some of which have been featured on Apple’s App Store™.

99Cents has undergone radical changes throughout the year. We went from a freelance company to a certified business, and recently updated the company website to express our new branding.

We have a number of big projects on the go, and can’t wait to show them to you. This year promises to be another incredible one, with new product categories already changing interaction through technology. Watch this space for more!

Welcome to our new website!

It has been a number of months in the making, but our new and improved website has arrived. We have completely restructured and responsivised the website, bringing with it a clean interface, enjoyable user experience, and easier navigation. If you have any concerns about the site, visit the Contact page. We hope you think the site is brilliant, too!

New 99Cents Website

Our new website is now responsive!


Watch this space for more blog entries, in the meantime, why not explore the rest of the site?